Mitsubishi Electric India Unveils all new Cutting-Edge M80LA CNC for Turning Segment

22 April 2024

Redefining India’s Manufacturing Landscape

Gurugram/Bengaluru, 22nd  April 2024: Mitsubishi Electric India launched the all new M80LA model of Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) with technologically advanced solutions to support efficient and smart manufacturing in the country. With an aim to sync with the rapidly revolutionizing era of manufacturing, we have developed the all-new M80LA model exclusively for turning with Multi-axis & Multi-system controls, which holds the potential to elevate multi-system machining control to an advanced level, thereby contributing to improved machine productivity and efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric India offers advanced CNC control systems to take the machining needs of customers to a higher performance level. The company supplies CNC package and technologies to various market segment and industries. Mitsubishi Electric India started it’s CNC business operations in India since 2012 to support the ‘Make in India’ initiative and aid industries who want to adapt the latest manufacturing technology.

This all new M80LA model is an advanced extension to the existing technologically driven CNC solutions that support self-reliance and digitalization for India’s manufacturing sector.

The key features which make the new M80LA series a state-of-the-art development are as follows:

• Arbitrary Axis Exchange: In comparison to the conventional CNC systems, this all new M80LA model comes with arbitrary axis exchange feature where any axis can be freely exchanged between multiple systems that caters to achieving utmost accuracy and precision in the multi-spindle, multi-path complex turning processes.

• Interference Check between Part Systems: This function checks the relative position of up to six cuboids (referred to as interfering objects) all the time, and if a command which causes the interfering objects to collide with each other is issued, the function stops the axis movement to prevent the interference in advance.

• Multi-set Spindle Synchronization: It is a prime feature of this CNC machining that involves synchronization of multiple spindles that can work on the different parts of the same workpiece or multiple workpieces simultaneously or in parallel. This allows multiple task completion concurrently, which reduces the overall machining time ultimately increasing the overall efficiency.

• Sub-system control 1 (G122): Execute by calling another system (sub-system) that is not in operation from the operating system. The loader can be controlled by G-code. You can also meet with the main line, and they are synchronized with each other and can operate at the optimal timing.

• C-axis Control During Spindle Synchronization: This feature of the all new M80LA CNC system actively manages the rotation of the spindles on the rotational axis while ensuring that they are synchronized with each other which ensures precise coordination of the CNC machining operations.


• Spindle superposition control (G164): The Rotational speed of one spindle can be superimposed on the rotational speed of the other spindle which allows complex CNC machining operations where precise co-ordination between the spindles is required.

• Improvised Thread Machining Process: This all new M80LA model can perform two threading cycles simultaneously and can accommodate a dedicated time constant for threading.

• Spindle Mode Servo Motor Control: A combination of servo amplifier and servo motor can be controlled as the main spindle axis for CNC machining.

The product launch event took place at the Mitsubishi Electric India, CNC eXPerience Park located in Peenya, Bengaluru by Mr. Kazuhiko Tamura, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. S. Sriram, Director of FAID Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Masaya Takeda, General Manager, CNC Systems, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. along with the prestigious presence of Mr. Mitsuyoshi Wada, Factory Head, Industrial Mechatronics Systems Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation-Nagoya Works and Mr. Hiroshi Hasegawa, General Manager, NC Business Development Department, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation On the account of this prestigious occasion, Mr. Kazuhiko Tamura, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India said, “In our commitment to advancing manufacturing excellence in India, we have launched the all new M80LA, a cutting-edge CNC model. The exclusive features of this new system not only assures to enhance the productivity & efficienc

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Mitsubishi Electric India Unveils all new Cutting-Edge M80LA CNC for Turning Segment

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